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FOCUS has assembled a superior team with more than 470 years of experience, representing unparalleled project generation expertise.  This experience and expertise allows FOCUS' team to quickly and accurately identify, evaluate and execute the development of Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast prospects.

James W. Sewell - Chief Geophysicist.
Jim has a B.S. degree in physics from Texas Christian University. A proven oil and gas finder for 45+ years with Shell Oil Company, Kerr McGee, PetroQuest, and now, FOCUS. He is directly credited in finding reserves in High Island 21, 22 and 34, Boomvang (EB 642, 643), Ship Shoal 232, 233 and 239, and East Cameron 34, representing over 524 Bcf of gas and over 67 MMBO. Jim's expertise is in quickly and accurately interpreting and mapping seismic data.

Lee Burson - Senior Geophysicist.
Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a geophysicist to every project with which he is involved.  With more than 40 years of experience, he has been instrumental to the success of numerous discoveries both offshore and onshore Gulf of Mexico and several interior U.S. and international basins.  At FOCUS, Lee is responsible for prospect generation and development using all available sources of geophysical and geological data.  He has extensive experience with highly advanced geophysical techniques including Bright Spot analysis and AVO as well as 3D Landmark and SMT workstations.  Lee was previously with CLK Co. (a prospect generation and evaluation company primarily dedicated to McMoran Oil and Gas), Superior Oil Co., Mobil Oil and ARCO.  Lee is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, where he received his Professional Degree in Geophysical Engineering.

Mike Keaveney - Senior Geophysicist.
Mike is a premier geophysical interpreter with specialization in prospect generation.  Most of Mike’s career has been working the Gulf of Mexico as an explorationist.  Mike began his career with Mobil Oil and later became a consultant.  As such he  has worked for over twenty companies, including Saga AS, Amoco International, Texas Eastern International, Kerr-McGee, Shell Deep Water Services, British Borneo, Newfield, Noble International, and Transco.  Mike has been with FOCUS for over seven years as a geophysicist, with particular expertise in seismic software, including SMT, IESX as well as other geological and geophysical tools.  In addition, he has over 10 years experience onshore Gulf Coast USA.  Mike has a B.S. in geology from the University of Houston.

Lane Sims - Senior Geologist.
Lane is a seasoned geologist with over 30 years experience in evaluating prospects in the Gulf of Mexico, onshore Texas, Louisiana and the state waters of Alabama.  He applies geologic and geophysical interpretation, log analysis and formation evaluation utilizing the latest in high-end computer technology, including the use of SMT, ARC GIS, Petra, IHS, LEXCO, and Schlumberger’s GeoFrame and IESX software to identify and evaluate prospects.  He also has experience in deep-water and subsalt stratigraphic analysis, regional mapping and deep-water sand fairway mapping, in addition to experience in evaluation and development of producing fields.  Previously, Lane was Lead Geologist for Conoco’s deep-water Cognac Project.  He has also worked with Chevron Geophysical, Schlumberger, Conoco, Mark Producing, British Petroleum, AGIP Petroleum and Coastal Oil and Gas.  Lane has a B.S in Oceanographic Technology and Marine Geology from Lamar University.

Sonny Manley - Computer Application
Sonny holds a BA and MA in Geology from the University of Texas.  Before joining Focus, his 29 year career with Philips Petroleum included seismic processing, seismic interpretation, computer application and IT support where he established a close working relationship with Don Crider and Mike Scherrer.  At Focus, his main contribution is to keep Focus'  prospect generation, mapping and risk mitigation at constant levels of high efficiency.

Sonny accomplishes this by writing proprietary software programs which effectively incorporate diverse and extensive  land, geological, geophysical and engineering data volumes for use in state of the art GIS mapping applications.

Sharie M. Sartain – Geophysicist

Sharie has accumulated a wide array of experience in her 35 years performing seismic interpretation and detailed mapping for Phillips Petroleum and Knowledge Reservoir prior to joining Focus Exploration.  The majority of her experience has been in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico but she also has experience doing integrated regional studies and resource assessment in many prolific international basins.  Sharie holds leadership positions in both the AAPG where she’s been a member of the House of Delegates for 20 years and with the Houston Geological Society where she held positions on the Executive Board for 3 years and has served as a Committee Chair since 2002.  She is currently the HGS Membership Committee Chair.  Sharie earned a BS Degree in Geology from The University of Akron and a MS Degree in Geology from Kent State University.
BillWilliam W. Holden – Petroleum Engineer

Bill has a Chemical Engineering Degree from the University of Texas and has over 37 years experience in reservoir and drilling engineering.  He began his career in 1978 with Oryx Energy then joined GMT – a small independent oil & gas company, and has worked with Focus Exploration, LLC at various capacities since 2005.  Bill’s expertise is in reservoir engineering and economic analysis of projects with a great deal of experience in many other engineering disciplines including operations and drilling.  He is also very experienced in utilizing geology and geophysics in his project analysis as well as working deal structures with respect to operating rights and land issues. Bill is an expert in identifying bypassed and unproduced pay potential in both producing fields and exploration plays.

Edgar I. Mellor - Business Development/Geologist

Ed is a seasoned exploration leader with over 39 years total experience.  As Exploration Manager for Penn Virginia Oil & Gas Corporation, Ed built a substantial Gulf Coast exploration program from scratch.  Between 2002 and 2009, teams working under Ed’s leadership made multiple discoveries and acquisitions which had accounted for the majority of production in Penn Virginia’s Gulf Coast District when he left to accept a position as Vice President of Exploration for Davis Petroleum.  For fifteen years prior to joining to Penn Virginia, Ed held exploration management and executive roles with ARCO and Vastar, with accountabilities spanning the Gulf Coast onshore and the Gulf of Mexico.  In his early career, he generated prospects for ARCO in South Texas, South Louisiana, and the Delaware Basin.  Ed has a B.S. in Geology from the University of Dayton (Ohio), and an M.S. in Geology from Texas Christian University.
Gregory L. Johnston – Geophysicist

Greg earned a BS in Geology at Georgia Southwestern and a Master’s Degree in Geophysics from Georgia Tech University and has been working as an explorationist in the oil & gas industry for over 35 years.  His primary focus throughout his career has been in the Gulf Coast Tertiary trends and Gulf of Mexico concentrating on geological and geophysical integration to analyze both producing fields and regional and sub-regional exploration plays.  Greg is an excellent seismic interpreter and has a depth of knowledge with respect to seismic attributes and their application to hydrocarbon prospectivity.  While he is comfortable analyzing all stratigraphic play types, he is particularly adept in salt dome environments.

Darren S. Adam - Geologist

Darren is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS Degree in Geology.  He has been working with Focus Exploration since 2010 – part time while in school and now, full time since his graduation in December 2014.  Darren is the youngest member of the Focus team, and he is learning extremely fast and making meaningful contribution to the exploration effort on a daily basis.  Darren is becoming quite experienced in identifying various prospective opportunities including turbidite deposits, basin floor fans and channel/levee complexes in the seismic data.  While he wears many hats of responsibility, his main tasks are well log correlation, formation evaluation, unproduced pay analysis and seismic project building and data loading.
Eugene R. Brush – Geophysicist

Gene is an exploration geophysicist with over 35 years in the oil & gas industry- the vast majority working the offshore Gulf of Mexico.  He has a keen knowledge of seismic stratigraphy, AVO analysis, seismic modeling, depth imaging and salt tectonics as it applies to prospect generation and field development.  Gene has worked for major oil and gas companies (Marathon Oil, Norcen Explorer and Phillips Petroleum) and utilized his technical expertise within service companies (CGG Americas and Schlumberger-WesternGeco) prior to joining the Focus Exploration team.  Gene holds a BS Degree in Geology from Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Geological Oceanography from Old Dominion University and worked for the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office and the U.S. Geological Survey prior to moving into the oil & gas industry with Marathon Oil Company.  Additionally, Gene has numerous technical  publications from his extensive seismic interpretation studies.

Steve Georgeson - Geophysicist

Steve is a detail oriented, hands-on geophysicist with 40 years of Offshore and Gulf Coast experience.  His career has included interpretation, mapping, seismic depth conversion, well log integration, synthetic seismogram generation and seismic modeling.  Steve has worked for major oil companies including Shell, Phillips Petroleum, Kerr McGee and El Paso Corporation, as well as working as an independent geophysical consultant for several years.  While his primary focus has been in the US Gulf and Gulf Coast, he has worked projects throughout the world in prolific international basins including the North Sea, Bohai Bay, Egypt and Brazil.  Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Physics from Washington State University.

Cecil H.Truss, Jr. – Geologist

Cecil is an exploration & development geologist with more than 40 years Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast experience.  He is well versed in detailed well log correlation, well log to seismic integration and prospect generation.  Cecil has gained valuable experience with major oil & gas companies, independent oil & gas companies and as a consulting geologist (Cities Service, ARCO, Cabot, Vastar, HarCor Energy, INEXS) prior to joining the Focus Exploration team.  He recently completed a detailed study of a recently purchased property resulting in addition of 14 BCFG PUD, 9.5 BCFG Probable and 17.5 BCFG Possible reserves as determined by Ryder Scott.  Cecil earned a BS Degree in Geology from the University of Houston.
Bennie See - Senior Geologist.

Bennie is an experienced Exploration/New Ventures Geologist with over 30 years experience developing and evaluating prospects in areas as diverse as the deepwater and shelf areas of the Gulf of Mexico, onshore Texas and Louisiana, deepwater Brazil, onshore Peru, the North Sea and onshore and offshore Australia.  His abilities include seismic interpretation and mapping both regionally and at the prospect level (supra and subsalt), well log correlation, sequence stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental interpretation, hydrocarbon system analysis and new play definition.  Bennie uses the latest computer technology, including SMT, SeisWorks, StratWorks, OpenWorks, Petrosys, LEXCO and Surfer to produce geologic maps, cross sections and other data which are used to provide clear, concise reports and presentations.  He began his career at Phillips Petroleum, then worked for Devon Energy before joining Focus Exploration in 2010.  Bennie has a B.A. from Albion College and an M.S. from Bowling Green State University.