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FOCUS has assembled a superior management team with more than 80 years of experience, representing unparalleled project generation expertise.  This experience and expertise allows FOCUS' management team to quickly and accurately identify, evaluate and execute the development of Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast prospects.

Management Bios


Donald V. Crider - CEO.

Don earned a M.S. degree in geology from the University of Tennessee in 1980. A proven oil and gas finder and one of four professionals selected in Phillips Petroleum Company's "Geoscientist Program" where he was cross-trained in geophysics, engineering and development geology. Subsequently, he was given geological and geophysical responsibility over Phillips' largest producing fields onshore and offshore Louisiana.  Don also served at PetroQuest Energy before co-founding Focus Exploration with Mr. Scherrer. (Mike and Don have worked together 25 years.) Don is an expert in identifying and reducing the risk associated with exploration prospects and enjoys an exploration success rate of over 82% and a development success rate of 100%.

Michael A. Scherrer - President.

Mike earned a B.S. degree in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 1983. (He also led the varsity football team for four seasons as quarterback and was team captain his senior year.) A proven oil and gas finder with Marathon Oil Company in the GOM and later with Phillips Petroleum Company as Geophysical Coordinator of Phillips' properties in both Texas and Louisiana GOM waters, as well as onshore south Louisiana.  He met Don Crider, now CEO of FOCUS, while at Phillips.  Mike and Don later left Phillips to work at  PetroQuest Energy; Mike served as Chief Geophysicist at PetroQuest before co-founding FOCUS Exploration with Mr. Crider. Mike is a geophysical leader in seismic interpretation and attribute analysis, as well as in computer technology, and project management.
  Gina M. Klein - Executive Assistant
Gina has been Executive Assistant to Don Crider and Mike Scherrer for 15 years starting her career with them at PetroQuest Energy, LLC. She joined the Focus team in 2005.  She brings 18 years in accounting and office administrative skills.  Her duties at Focus include but are not limited to Human Resources, Payroll, Oil and Gas Accounting, Land Administrative (JOA's, Rental Payments, etc.)  Over the years she has assumed many GeoTech duties.  Her 'can do' attitude has also helped her in troubleshooting and resolving phone systems and security issues as well as computer internet and workstation problems.  Gina's willingness to multitask allows the Geotechnical team to 'Focus' on finding oil and gas. .